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Roof cooling unit ETE. Specially designed for the installation to the top of the cabinet.

For active temperature management, we offer high quality STULZ- Cosmotec A/C units under the Tritón brand. These compact A/C ETE units are designed for cooling the equipment in individual data cabinets (RDE and RIE cabinets with IP54 protection). These A/C units are intended for both industrial and office environments thanks to their RPM management of the cooling fan in the compressor circuit. The A/C unit adjusts the RPM speed of the fan, which is the main source of noise, depending on the current use of the cooling output inside the cabinet. It has a significant positive effect on the noise reduction of the unit when the maximum cooling capacity is not needed.


The A/C unit consists of two separate air circulation circuits:

1. The inside circuit, which cools the installed equipment and enters the A/C unit, where the hot air is transferred to a cooling medium.

2. The cooling circuit with a compressor, which is cooled by a stream of ambient air.

Due to this arrangement, the ambient air is not mixed with the air from the inside of cabinet, and thus the humidity inside the cabinet is not affected. With improper settings of the unit, the excess humidity can condense on the equipment or can freeze inside the cooling unit, which can lead to its malfunction. It is therefore necessary to set up the A/C unit correctly and consider the ambient temperature and humidity. It is also possible to equip our data cabinet with a door sensor, which automatically shuts the compressor off when the door is opened. 

The A/C unit is equipped with an electronic controller, which can be easily installed in two different positions on the unit cover. This, together with the appropriate installation adapters for the cabinets, makes it possible to mount the A/C unit in a position where it can draw in the hot air and blow out cold air along the side panels or it can be installed in the front/rear orientation according to the customer's requirements.
For the A/C to function properly, it is necessary to provide a sufficient ambient air circulation and its appropriate temperature. For more information, please refer to the manual of the respective A/C unit.

Roof cooling unit ETE


Part number

Coolant type Cooling capacity (W) (L35/L35) External
(H x W x D)
range set up
Power supply (V/Hz) Air flow (m3/h) Electric input (W) (L35/L50) Noise level (dB) Weight


R134a 1400 450 x 600 x 408 electrical
230/50-60 575 950 58 48


R134a 2000 450 x 600 x 408 electrical
230/50-60 860 1200 62 51,5


R134a 2700 485 x 800 x 465 electrical
230/50-60 860 1580 77 74,5


R134a 3800 485 x 800 x 465 electrical
230/50-60 1450 2000 77 76,5

* Designed for mounting into cabinets 600 and 800 mm wide
** Designed for mounting into cabinets 800 mm wide

Reductions for air-conditioning units can be found in the section “Description, usage”.

Download assembly manual:

Description, usage


In order to utilise the maximum potential of A/C units with cooling air directed properly according to all equipment needs, we supply installation adapters for RDE and RIE cabinets. This is a metallic panel which is screwed to the large-sized opening at the top of the cabinet where the installation of A/C is required. Adapters are symetric which means that rotating is simple. All sizes of adapters are shown in the table below. For easy access to the controlling panel it is possible to install it in two positions with simply plugging into the connector (see installation manual).

Cooling units 800 mm wide can be mounted on cabinets 800 mm wide only.
Cooling units 600 mm wide can be mounted on cabinets 600 mm and 800 mm wide.



Types and dimensions of A/C adapters

Type A (mm)
cabinet depths
B (mm)
cabinet width
unit type
Direction of A/C
RAx-RV-X66-Z6 600 600 X1, X2 into the cabinet width A
RAx-RV-X68-Y6 800 600 X1, X2 into the cabinet depth A
RAx-RV-X68-Z6 800 600 X1, X2 into the cabinet width A
RAx-RV-X61-Y6 1000, 1200 600 X1, X2 into the cabinet depth B
RAx-RV-X61-Z6 1000, 1200 600 X1, X2 into the cabinet width B
RAx-RV-X61-Y8 1000, 1200 600 X3, X4 into the cabinet depth B
RAx-RV-X88-Y6 800 800 X1, X2 into the cabinet depth B
RAx-RV-X88-Z6 800 800 X1, X2 into the cabinet width B
RAx-RV-X88-Z8 800 800 X3, X4 into the cabinet width B
RAx-RV-X81-Y6 1000, 1200 800 X1, X2 into the cabinet depth C
RAx-RV-X81-Z6 1000, 1200 800 X1, X2 into the cabinet width C
RAx-RV-X81-Y8 1000, 1200 800 X3, X4 into the cabinet depth C
RAx-RV-X81-Z8 1000, 1200 800 X3, X4 into the cabinet width C

Assembly set Connecting material
A 24 pcs M5x12 ; 24 pcs rubber sealing
B 30 pcs M5x12 ; 30 pcs rubber sealing
D 38 pcs M5x12 ; 38 pcs rubber sealing

More info

Operating conditions:

The ETE A/C unit is designed to work in a horizontal position as
a roof unit for free-standing cabinets. It is also necessary to transport the unit in a horizontal position and install it accordingly. We offer adapters for installation on RDE and RIE data cabinets, which seal the A/C unit at the cabinet body and which also would direct the cold air flow inside the cabinet. The units contain a drip tray, which collects condensation from the cooled space. Should there be an increase in condensation (which can happen with higher air humidity, lowered temperature inside the cabinet, the door left open, etc.) it is necessary to install a safety condensate draining pipe and follow the mounting instructions described in the attached manual.

Operating environment:

Min. ambient temperature in the working condition: +20 ºC
Max. ambient temperature in the working condition: +50 ºC
Adjustable temperature range: 25 – 45 ºC


With regard to the demand of a maximum life-time of the unit`s equipment, those are the recommended parameters of the inner environment of the cabinet.
Temperature limits: from +10 till + 40 ºC
Relative humidity: 30 – 90 %
Surface temperature of the inner equipment of the cabinet should not fall below the condensation temperature.

The A/C unit can be installed on cabinets in such a way that it reachesthat reaches all needs of a cold air demanded by used equipment.

There is an opening located at the top of the RIE and RDE cabinet, which requires an installation of an adapter. An appropriate reduction can set the right direction of the A/C unit and it also sets the stream of the hot/cold air along the sides or along the front/rear sides of the cabinet.

Warranty 12 months.