Active Cooling - Ventilation


RAB-DV-Axx-X1, RAC-DV-Axx-X1

We offer a special sheet-metal door with a preparation for the installation of the RAx-CH-X0x-X3 ventilation units (two, four or six fans in the ventilating unit) designated for most of the TRITÓN free-standing cabinets. Each ventilation unit has its own thermostat, which allows a better regulation of the excess heat dissipation.

The assembly of ventilating units to the door is similar to the installation to a ceiling or in the base of the cabinet. The door is equipped with an opening, into which it is possible to fit the ventilating unit and then fasten it simply at four points. In addition, the unit is secured with four self-tapping screws, which strengthen the mounting and give the door the required rigidity.

The number of assembly holes is determined by the height of the door. Therefore, one for 15U and 18U high cabinets, two for 22U and 27U high cabinets and three assembly holes for 32U, 37U, 42U and 45U high cabinets. You can order the door with assembly holes for fan units by entering the letter I for the left and J for the right door in the sixth position of the order code, e.g. RMA-15-I66-CAX-A1.

The active door supplies cooler air to the device. For maximum ventilation effectivity, it is necessary to fit the rear part of the cabinet with a perforated door, e.g. RMA-15-I66-CAX-A1-MA.


Blanking panel for a door with ventilation units

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