Cable reserve holder


RAB-VP-R01-A1, RAC-VP-R01-A1

Cable reserve holder is designed for safe storage of metallic and optic installation cables inside the cabinet.
There are two ways to install the cable reserve holder into the cabinet:
- vertically (10 U) on 19“ vertical rails (usually on the back of the cabinet)
- horizontally between the vertical rails, similarly to the classic shelf
Support mandrels mounted around the centre hole ensure the bending radius and prevent from damage of the stored cables.

Supply includes:
cable reserve mounting plate 1x
support mandrel – height 1 U 4x
support mandrel – height 2 U 4x
short mounting holder 4x
long mounting holder 2x
central vertical rail holder for 19" accessories 2x
mounting kit (1 set includes 4 pcs of cage) 1pcs
nut M6, 4 pcs of screw M6x12) 2x