Multibox data cabinets

Growing interest in multibox cabinets leads us to their inclusion in the standard product portfolio. Triton provides these cabinets for years in the data center and as a customer solution. Cabinet is based on the proven construction of Delta S with welded skeleton. Standard cabinets are the product of two and three sections in all the width and depth dimensions. It is possible to produce almost any multibox data cabinet after agreement. Variability and large number of size combinations, the number of sections, type of doors and locks allow to design a perfect solution to your requirements.


Technical parameters

IP protection: IP30
Max.load: 400kg installed on vertical rails
Earthing: Earthing point M8 in each section abd connection of removable parts
Vertical rails: Two pairs of vertical rails in each section
Ventilation: Natural ventilation through perforation, preparation for fan units
Front door: Glass (4mm safety glass), perforated or solid steel
Back door: Glass (4mm safety glass), perforated or solid steel
Common metal cover for all sections as alternative
Cable entry: Into cabinet: 370x90 mm in bottom and roof
Into each section at the back
Covered cable entry in any section as alternative
Side panels: removable, common for whole cabinet


Please contact our sales department with specific requirement.