Power distribution panels 230V

Power distribution panels are one of the parts of data and telecommunication cabinet installations. Let us introduce you our new, low cost types of distribution panels.

PDU 19

Let us offer you a new sortiment of distribution panels including many new models. Besides 19'' distribution panels in various models we newly offer also vertical distribution panels for data centres and server cabinets and also 10'' distribution panels for SoHo installations. Distribution panels with switch or without switch, with power indicator or with surge protection for installed devices are available for various applications. We offer distribution panels with CSN standard socket and Schuko socket, cable with plug 230V is universal in case of common panels /see the documentation/.


Main parameters:

  • High resistant metal chassis of the panel
  • Hight 1U for an easy mounting in a cabinet
  • Most wanted control and protection functions
  • Mounting material


PDU for data center PDU 10